About this weblog

„We build too many walls and not enough bridges.“ – Sir Isaac Newton
This blog shall deliver a specific European perspective on China’s foreign policy within a globalised world. It shall bring insight into a wide array of topics, ranging from economic, security to diplomatic and ideological issues.
The intention of the author is deep-rooted in a wish to build bridges between different civilisations. In times of globalisation, the parameter of distance has vanished to a high degree, bringing people and ideas together. The People’s Republic of China, due to its self-imposed isolation, has long been mysterious to the European audience. Since the country has opened gradually to the world, its importance for the solution of a large variety of problems has risen remarkably. Therefore, we must need to understand what China wants, how it tries to reach its goals and which implications China’s foreign policy has for the Western hemisphere, including Europe.
Furthermore, this blog understands China’s rise in international society and its role as a key player in global politics as a premise and thus tries to analyse Chinese foreign policy objectives more closer.

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